Live to serve #4

Considering the proposal a jest, Lyryn mustered enough strength for a tired smile.
Well, it’ll be a bit difficult to kiss you with, you know… – he gestured at his face, suggesting the mask obscuring her lips.
Don’t be absurd, you’re not ready for that yet. I require your kiss, but placed on a different spot on my body. – with circular motion of her hands, she pointed at her breasts.
You…you’re serious? – Lyryn instantaneously swallowed his joking manner, seeing her serious resolve. A maelstrom of lust and confusion ravaged his body, leaving him utterly speechless.
Did you lose your senses or your brain entirely? Of course I’m serious. Kiss me to swear an oath. – she sighed, contemplating if her offer wasn’t too hasty. A dense servant would be more trouble than he’s worth.
You’re a grown man, I’m certain you can handle a task as simple as this. Come.
Lyryn took his first steps towards Nyvath. Later he’d describe the feeling as akin to a trance, as his body was moving on its own. Pushed by his desire for the woman he ignored the warnings his reason sent him and soon, he woke up, finding himself before the god.
We can have more fun later, if you’re up to it, pet. – Nyvath purred invitingly. It was enough to ignite Lyryn’s body in full. While his first instinct was to throw himself at her, he showed enough composure to start with gentle kisses on the skin right above her breasts.
So delicate! – Nyvath laughed as she put her arms around his neck.
Lyryn’s lips traveled fervently upon the womans breasts eliciting a sigh of contentment. With her chest now directly at his head level, his restraint weakened and he let his tongue dance upon her skin. Nyvath’s purr was music to his desire and the warm scent of her body was so intoxicating he forgot all about his fatigue and the stench of burned jumpsuit fabric. Just as he was to pull off her clothes to bare her breasts in full, she said:
Come on, pet, you have to show more fang for your mistress to be pleased…let me show you how it’s done.
Nyvath grabed his head and pulled it away. Lyryn came to his senses when he noticed that her grasp was so strong he couldn’t break free from it. She also was a lot taller then a minute ago, towering him by about a heads length. The saliva covered skin on her chest now sported a slit, that began growing as quickly as Lyryn’s panic. He disregarded his reason and now, thinking with his dick would end badly for him.
Once large enough, the slit split open to reveal a sharply toothed maw leading into endless darkness. Shooting out from that monstrous unknown was a long tongue that licked his entire face in a flash before going back inside. Nyvath forcibly pulled his head towards the maw and chomped the air right before his nose. Pure instinct led the terrified man to let out a scream and grab his gun. With quick reflex, he sent a series of energy shots right into the creatures belly, prompting her to release the iron grasp.
Finally free and covered with alien spit, he frantically jumped away from the body he lusted for not long ago. Aiming his gun, he heard a joyous laugh coming out of the creature.
The look on your face, pet! It’s so amusing I could die from it, far faster than from that pathetic little weapon you hold!
She was right. Not a single one of his shots did any visible damage or she regenerated it all in a manner of seconds. The maw on her chest closed, but a few teeth still stood out, forming a gruesome monster zipper.
What the hell are you!? – he yelled. His hands were shaking but he tried to hold his gun steady.
If I do remember correctly, we already had this conversation, pet. – she started walking towards him, whilst her body kept changing form. Her eyes had now tiny irises with pitch black sclerae. She became a lot more muscular with a barely noticeable movement right beneath her skin, as if the muscles were not done rearranging themselves. Smaller slits appeared here and there, opening and closing endlessly to reveal additional maws or eyes. She was still humanoid and looked female but warped in a most aberrant way. The growth in both height and muscle mass tore apart the fragile jumpsuit, prompting her to cast of the scraps like shed, old skin.
I’m a god and your mistress. If you have the guts to follow me. – she said, standing still at about two meters distance.
As if I’d follow a monster! – Lyryn’s couldn’t keep a cool head. She tricked him and now he was prepared to battle. He knew he didn’t have any chance at winning, but he’d be damned if she’d take away his life without a fight.
Be reasonable, pet. Better to be my loyal servant than to squander your life on this desolate rock. – she shrugged off his anger as if nothing happened. To put additional emphasis on the weirdness of this situation, her shoulder slits opened and multiple eye sets pierced him with their gaze.
Oh, sure! Be a monsters servant, kiss a monster maw, maybe even get eaten by it!  What’s not to love!? – he scoffed at the proposal, not ready for what would happen next.
With a discontent growl Nyvath jumped straight at him. Lyryn, surprised by the swiftness and strength of her attack, lost his footing and with a painful thud, landed back-first on the ground. Before he could get up, the woman pinned him with her superior might. She leaned towards him, so her masked face was right before his.
If I wanted you dead, I would have left you in that crater for hunger or exhaustion to claim you. And if I wanted to take you by force, I would’ve done it the minute you arrived here, without even breaking a sweat. But, luckily for you, that is not how I do things.
She stood up and extended her hand towards him.
I’ve endulged your doubts long enough, Lyryn Kor. Take my hand and become my servant or stay here. – her demeanor was stern, leaving Lyryn no room for further contemplation. Still unsure, but not willing to die alone on an alien planet, he grabed the extended arm and allowed the god to lift him up.
Let’s make one thing clear. I serve you, but you haven’t won my undying loyalty and don’t expect me to fulfill questionable orders without protest. – he mustered all the confidence he had left, but he was certain Nyvath wasn’t buying it even one bit.
Good, reasonable defiance is very welcome. Just make sure never to confuse it with outright stupidity. – she sent a quick wink his way when he was trying to dust off his jumpsuit. He just noticed it had practically no damage compared to Viria’s clothes, even before Nyvath’s transformation. How was that possible? He thought of asking his new leader, but he doubted she’d give him a straight answer.
So, what is your command…highness? Mistress? How should I title you anyway?
Nyvath turned away from him, lost in thought, presenting him a chance to admire her naked backside. Even after all that happened, despite the fear and disgust he felt, he’d lie if he said he didn’t enjoy the view. Of course he punished himself mere seconds later, the slits on her back reminding him of the monstrosities hidden under her skin.
 Empress Nyvath! That does sounds fitting, doesn’t it? – she finally exclaimed joyfully.
– You wouldn’t believe how much it does right now. – he snickered at the thought of a nude empress, solely convinced of her own importance. Just like a childrens fairy tale but with a eldritch alien twist. – And what will you call me, oh mighty Empress?
– Isn’t it obvious? My pet!

Live to serve #3

While the platform was sculpted from the red rock material found in abundance on this planet, the object standing on it was clearly from another world. It had an irregular structure with blue light shining through it’s surface upon the operators touch. The object wiggled and moved in response to it’s operator’s touch, prompting the question if it was a device or an actual living being.
Seeing that the operator was undoubtedly human, Lyryn released a hopeful shout as soon as he decided he was within hearing range.
– Viria!
The woman turned to face him and he finally noticed that something was amiss. Even though she was clearly interested in him when they served on the Corona, he barely payed her enough attention, but he knew her well enough to notice the difference. While he wasn’t sure if her skin was paler when he met her, she most certainly didn’t have white hair or a disturbing, teeth patterned mask that covered the lower half of her face.
– You look…different. – he noticed, while keeping a, hopefully, safe distance.
That’s rude, I think I look quite good, pet. – the woman replied, chuckling elegantly.
The deep down fear Kor felt had become reality, brought to life by the deceivingly sweet voice of his alien observer. A quickly budding rage began taking over his senses.
– What did you do to her, Nyvath?!
– I told you already, I gave her a choice. She was dying and I promised her I’d mend her body, if only she’ll let me use it for as long as I see fit. – his confusion and anger only fueled the pleasure in her voice.
– That could take forever!
– It could, but don’t worry…I usually leave a host after a few years… – his armor of furious resolve showed tiny cracks. Her voice suddenly became toned down, as if some unknown melancholy took away her usual, mischevious demeanor.
– What are you exactly?
– I’ve been called many names. A god, an infection…The Change that Hungers was probably one of my favourite names! – the question made Viria quickly go back to her regular Nyvath behaviour. She laughed with glee, as if reminded of a fond memory. – But yes, I’m usually a god.
– A mind controlling alien or a sentient infection? Sure. But a god? Forgive me if I don’t become a sudden believer, Nyvath. – Lyryn scoffed at the notion.
It’s not important if you believe, pet. You have only two options right now… – with a total disregard of his opinions and presence, Nyvath started unzipping her torn and singed jumpsuit. This put Lyryn’s defense in clear jeopardy. He always found Viria’s body attractive, but Nyvath’s arrogant character spiced it all up to dangerous proportions. He noticed that he was becoming more focused on the hand slowly revealing Viria’s naked skin than the words coming out of her mouth.
– You can either stay here, alone and with a slim chance for a rescue. I can tell you where to look for rations and shelter, but you’ll be on your own…
Nyvath, noticing the desire seething from his entire body, took extra care to do things slowly and thoroughly. Her hand stopped just as the zipper was way below her belly button and whilst going back, she allowed her smooth fingers to slide deliciously upon the exposed skin. Of course, she wouldn’t stop explaining her deal to the mesmerized man.
– …or, you could pledge loyalty and serve me. I’m a harsh, yet just mistress and if you show proper obedience, I’d shower you with my many…favours.
Whilst saying that, she slid her hands under the jumpsuit’s fabric on the shoulders, allowing it move just enough to barely cover her nipples. This made Lyryn’s struggle even harder and if it weren’t for the deeply hidden fears and doubts he had towards this alien entity, his will would be sapped entirely.
Regaining the last, sheltered bits of composure, Kor’s body remembered that he’s supposed to swallow the saliva his glands produce and with a slight cough, he voiced his doubts.
– How do I know you won’t betray me? You lied about Viria, you could lie again…
The god scoffed at him.
– Do not insult me, pet. I told you I’d lead you to see Viria, not that you could talk to her. I’ve kept my promise and never lied to you.
Lyryn couldn’t argue with that. It was a twisted logic, but she was right and he felt hunger, fatigue and unfulfilled lust gnawing at his resolve to rebel. It was so easy to say yes now.
And what do I have to do, to swear…allegiance to you.
A simple thing, pet. Kiss me…

Live to serve #2

With a tedious walk through a rocky desert ahead of him, Lyryn was grateful he had someone to talk to. He was still wary, since he had no idea what Nyvath’s intentions were, but it was better than wandering aimlessly in this barren land all alone. Luckily the planet had quite the pleasant atmosphere, despite being a barren piece of rock.
– So, what is this place?
– I don’t think this planet has a name or if it even figures in any starcharts. The council probably made sure to imprison me someplace where no one would find me too easily. – the disappointed sigh didn’t distract Lyryn from the core point of her answer.

He made an abrupt halt. This was far from good news and for that brief moment he cared little what she’d do to him. His disapproval had to be given voice.
– Wait one fucking minute…so you’re a convict and this is a prison planet!? I’m not going anywhere with you!
Now is not the time to be so loud, pet. – the warmth subsided from her voice. It didn’t last long but was noticeable enough. – It’s not much of a prison, but yes, I was incarcerated here.
– What were you charged with? – Lyryn had no guarantee of getting an honest answer from a convict, but curiosity still made him ask.
Oh, lots of things. Disrespecting authority, theft, violence, murder, to name a few. Indecent exposure as well! – Nyvath was clearly more amused with her answer than she was with his inquiry.
Noticing the angry expression forming on his face, she decided not to give him room for further protest and quickly went on an offensive. With a voice, sharp and cold as steel she added:
– I was imprisoned because I didn’t appreciate the role that I was given and that’s the worst of sins for the council. But look at yourself! I don’t know what you did, but there’s something about you that tells me your record ain’t remotely clean enough to be judging me, Lyryn Kor!
A sudden sweat cooled his skin. What did this strange entity know about him? His mind began racing nervously at the thought that even something so alien could be aware of his sins. As he stood, he lost all will to fight her. His deepest, most shameful secret felt so close to exposure that the only thing he could do was to yield. Feeling his surrender, Nyvath’s voice regained it’s former, comforting tone.
– We’re both criminals, pet. And what do criminals do in need? They partner up. Though in this case our hierarchy will be a bit different. See, this place is prison for me no more, ever since your human friend freed me…
The last words were enough to liven the man up with a rekindled fire of curiosity.
– There were humans here before me?
– Yes, a woman…I don’t see your legs moving, pet. I’d like to get going, so hurry it up.
Lyryn started walking again. He still had his doubts, but if Nyvath really had a way of leaving this planet, it’d be best to stay on her good side.
– Tell me about this woman.
– Hmmm not much to tell. She was a pretty morsel, but badly damaged when the ship debris that carried her crashed on this planet. I made her a proposal and she agreed to help me. Simple as that.
Nyvath’s path now led through a more varied terrain. The mundane plains gave place to hills, requiring a bit more effort to traverse. The strain, while negligible, had the peculiar side effect of jogging Kor’s mind, restoring the lost bits of memory to their rightful owner.
– What did the debris that carried the woman look like? Did it have any designation? Did she tell you where she came from?
– Hmm let me see. She said she was a scientist on a ship called…the Corona? I think her name was Vera, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it.
– Vera? Not Viria? Viria Agano?
– Yes! That was her name. Is she special to you?
Lyryn didn’t hear Nyvath’s last question. His memory was slowly coming back and the alien confirmed that the woman was a crewmember of his ship, the Corona – he remembered a low level xenobiologist who often tried to chat him up in the ship corridors. They were on a science mission, but he didn’t have even the faintest idea what it was. Still, if Viria reached this planet, others could too. And with a crew as large as the Corona’s, someone was bound to survive the crash as he did.
– Can you take me to Viria?
Nyvath noticed the change in him. She didn’t not expect an angry ball of bitter that Lyryn was to suddenly start resonating so much hope and determination. This piqued her curiosity even more.
– You’ll be happy to know that I’m doing exactly that, pet. It’s not far from here, you’ll see Viria in a moment.
– Good. Also, why do you keep calling me pet?
Nyvath chuckled. Lyryn would lie if he said he didn’t find her laugh attractive.
– As Viria was given a choice, so will you be given one, once you reach our destination. I am very curious as to what you will decide, pet.
You know…I’m tired of your cryptic bullshit, Nyvath. – he sighed and took a short break on the top of the hill. In the distance he could see a strange, angular platform and some unknown statue with a human standing next to it. That must’ve been Viria, standind right the place where Nyvath wanted them to be.
– You see? We’re close. Now, you can complain and rot in this spot for all eternity or you can move forward just a little bit and hear my proposal in full. It’s your choice. – Nyvath’s voice rushed and the man felt that her patience with him was wearing thin. And yet, some weird, dangerous instinct made him smile and take a jab at his guide:
– You’re really obsessed about choice, huh?
– I’m all about choice, pet. You’ll see.

Live to serve #1

Crash landing on an alien planet and post accident amnesia. A tired cliche at best, yet it’s exactly what happened to Lyryn Kor – a man titling himself a professional security officer, yet called a disgrace, a liar and a cheat by everyone else. One could say that stumbling out of a crater was one of the purest moments in Lyryn’s life as he was too deep in shock to indulge any of his numerous vices.
Clarity didn’t come back, till he climbed to the top of the basin. His first conscious action, a check for injury, left him baffled. He wasn’t badly hurt, merely beaten up, as if after a rough ride on an gravjumper and that made no sense at all. The size of the crater suggested a high speed crash which should leave him a bloody pulp of former tissue, not barely bruised. Surrounding him was an alien planet with a sky locked in bloody red hues and sharp stone formations.
He’d ponder more about this place, but the tired security officer’s post crash bewilderment was cut short by a mysterious female voice:
– My, my. What do we have here, another human? What is your name, pet?
Lyryn’s reflexes were past his prime, but his body still knew to draw a gun as fast as possible. Armed, he tried to turn towards the direction the voice was coming from. His efforts, while understandable, were in vain though. The voice danced around him, with no clear source other than his rattled mind.
– I assume the thing you’re brandishing right now is a weapon. Put it down.
The sound was a mystery. A mixture of seductive warmth and light-hearted mockery, probably amused by his futile attempt to defend himself against an unseen threat.
Who are you? – his response was way sharper than he anticipated. He was on a barren, alien world, alone and suffering from short term amnesia, yet he had the gall to raise his voice against an alien entity with a clear tactical advantage. It could’ve ended badly, but luckily the said threat was more amused than offended.
I asked you first, but know my benevolence, impudent pet. I shall introduce myself instead. – the subtle cheeriness didn’t escape her voice. – My full name would be hard to fathom for your human brain, so let’s stick with you calling me Nyvath. For now, at least. Also, I ordered you to put down the weapon. Do it now.
There was neither point in shooting the air nor antagonizing his interlocutor, therefore Lyryn obediently followed the order and put his gun back in the holster.
I’m Lyryn Kor. – it was only polite to introduce himself as well. – Do you know where we are?
You have so many questions, impatient one!
Lyryn’s mind was in peak sobriety and yet he couldn’t escape the feeling this whole situation was a figment of his corrupted imagination. With a medical scanner he could rule out a concussion, chemically or biologically induced hallucinations, but that was highly wishful thinking in his predicament.
This isn’t a proper place to talk. Follow my voice and I’ll…sate…your curiosity along the way. Deal? – the sweet voice sang a dangerous song, tempting his reason with a promise of help he so desperately needed.
Lyryn didn’t take too long to consider the mysterious observer’s proposal. Whomever this Nyvath was, she was his only bet at getting some information right now, though he could not say that the decision to cooperate came without doubt. A subtle shiver gave birth to the fear that he was walking into something way above his paygrade.
Fine. Lead the way…Nyvath.