Live to serve #4

Considering the proposal a jest, Lyryn mustered enough strength for a tired smile.
Well, it’ll be a bit difficult to kiss you with, you know… – he gestured at his face, suggesting the mask obscuring her lips.
Don’t be absurd, you’re not ready for that yet. I require your kiss, but placed on a different spot on my body. – with circular motion of her hands, she pointed at her breasts.
You…you’re serious? – Lyryn instantaneously swallowed his joking manner, seeing her serious resolve. A maelstrom of lust and confusion ravaged his body, leaving him utterly speechless.
Did you lose your senses or your brain entirely? Of course I’m serious. Kiss me to swear an oath. – she sighed, contemplating if her offer wasn’t too hasty. A dense servant would be more trouble than he’s worth.
You’re a grown man, I’m certain you can handle a task as simple as this. Come.
Lyryn took his first steps towards Nyvath. Later he’d describe the feeling as akin to a trance, as his body was moving on its own. Pushed by his desire for the woman he ignored the warnings his reason sent him and soon, he woke up, finding himself before the god.
We can have more fun later, if you’re up to it, pet. – Nyvath purred invitingly. It was enough to ignite Lyryn’s body in full. While his first instinct was to throw himself at her, he showed enough composure to start with gentle kisses on the skin right above her breasts.
So delicate! – Nyvath laughed as she put her arms around his neck.
Lyryn’s lips traveled fervently upon the womans breasts eliciting a sigh of contentment. With her chest now directly at his head level, his restraint weakened and he let his tongue dance upon her skin. Nyvath’s purr was music to his desire and the warm scent of her body was so intoxicating he forgot all about his fatigue and the stench of burned jumpsuit fabric. Just as he was to pull off her clothes to bare her breasts in full, she said:
Come on, pet, you have to show more fang for your mistress to be pleased…let me show you how it’s done.
Nyvath grabed his head and pulled it away. Lyryn came to his senses when he noticed that her grasp was so strong he couldn’t break free from it. She also was a lot taller then a minute ago, towering him by about a heads length. The saliva covered skin on her chest now sported a slit, that began growing as quickly as Lyryn’s panic. He disregarded his reason and now, thinking with his dick would end badly for him.
Once large enough, the slit split open to reveal a sharply toothed maw leading into endless darkness. Shooting out from that monstrous unknown was a long tongue that licked his entire face in a flash before going back inside. Nyvath forcibly pulled his head towards the maw and chomped the air right before his nose. Pure instinct led the terrified man to let out a scream and grab his gun. With quick reflex, he sent a series of energy shots right into the creatures belly, prompting her to release the iron grasp.
Finally free and covered with alien spit, he frantically jumped away from the body he lusted for not long ago. Aiming his gun, he heard a joyous laugh coming out of the creature.
The look on your face, pet! It’s so amusing I could die from it, far faster than from that pathetic little weapon you hold!
She was right. Not a single one of his shots did any visible damage or she regenerated it all in a manner of seconds. The maw on her chest closed, but a few teeth still stood out, forming a gruesome monster zipper.
What the hell are you!? – he yelled. His hands were shaking but he tried to hold his gun steady.
If I do remember correctly, we already had this conversation, pet. – she started walking towards him, whilst her body kept changing form. Her eyes had now tiny irises with pitch black sclerae. She became a lot more muscular with a barely noticeable movement right beneath her skin, as if the muscles were not done rearranging themselves. Smaller slits appeared here and there, opening and closing endlessly to reveal additional maws or eyes. She was still humanoid and looked female but warped in a most aberrant way. The growth in both height and muscle mass tore apart the fragile jumpsuit, prompting her to cast of the scraps like shed, old skin.
I’m a god and your mistress. If you have the guts to follow me. – she said, standing still at about two meters distance.
As if I’d follow a monster! – Lyryn’s couldn’t keep a cool head. She tricked him and now he was prepared to battle. He knew he didn’t have any chance at winning, but he’d be damned if she’d take away his life without a fight.
Be reasonable, pet. Better to be my loyal servant than to squander your life on this desolate rock. – she shrugged off his anger as if nothing happened. To put additional emphasis on the weirdness of this situation, her shoulder slits opened and multiple eye sets pierced him with their gaze.
Oh, sure! Be a monsters servant, kiss a monster maw, maybe even get eaten by it!  What’s not to love!? – he scoffed at the proposal, not ready for what would happen next.
With a discontent growl Nyvath jumped straight at him. Lyryn, surprised by the swiftness and strength of her attack, lost his footing and with a painful thud, landed back-first on the ground. Before he could get up, the woman pinned him with her superior might. She leaned towards him, so her masked face was right before his.
If I wanted you dead, I would have left you in that crater for hunger or exhaustion to claim you. And if I wanted to take you by force, I would’ve done it the minute you arrived here, without even breaking a sweat. But, luckily for you, that is not how I do things.
She stood up and extended her hand towards him.
I’ve endulged your doubts long enough, Lyryn Kor. Take my hand and become my servant or stay here. – her demeanor was stern, leaving Lyryn no room for further contemplation. Still unsure, but not willing to die alone on an alien planet, he grabed the extended arm and allowed the god to lift him up.
Let’s make one thing clear. I serve you, but you haven’t won my undying loyalty and don’t expect me to fulfill questionable orders without protest. – he mustered all the confidence he had left, but he was certain Nyvath wasn’t buying it even one bit.
Good, reasonable defiance is very welcome. Just make sure never to confuse it with outright stupidity. – she sent a quick wink his way when he was trying to dust off his jumpsuit. He just noticed it had practically no damage compared to Viria’s clothes, even before Nyvath’s transformation. How was that possible? He thought of asking his new leader, but he doubted she’d give him a straight answer.
So, what is your command…highness? Mistress? How should I title you anyway?
Nyvath turned away from him, lost in thought, presenting him a chance to admire her naked backside. Even after all that happened, despite the fear and disgust he felt, he’d lie if he said he didn’t enjoy the view. Of course he punished himself mere seconds later, the slits on her back reminding him of the monstrosities hidden under her skin.
 Empress Nyvath! That does sounds fitting, doesn’t it? – she finally exclaimed joyfully.
– You wouldn’t believe how much it does right now. – he snickered at the thought of a nude empress, solely convinced of her own importance. Just like a childrens fairy tale but with a eldritch alien twist. – And what will you call me, oh mighty Empress?
– Isn’t it obvious? My pet!

2 thoughts on “Live to serve #4

  1. Wow… this is fantastic… I was able to really ‘feel’ the first third of this part which is always a very good sign, because I like to be drawn into a story and ‘see’ or ‘experience’ it like a movie or reality but in my head. *^_^* …and then the shock… muhaha… so cool to imagine it, but I have to admit, that I had a bit harder time to imagine that compared to the beginning, yet I don’t know why. Anyway – loved that transformation scene so much, too!!! And now I really wonder what she’s up to… or if it may be a dream…

    1. Thank you, Kurumi! <3 I'm very glad you like it! I'm happy to finally have the transformation published because now you all know how Nyvath really looks and I can freely write her monster shenanigans. I have a lot of those in store, including the NSFW kind xD

      And yeah, this part sometimes feels hard to read, probably due to my inexperience. I had Kayla read it first, she gave me some feedback, but I still feel it could've been done a bit better. I'll probably have a brilliant idea how I should've described this a few weeks from now! xP

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