Live to serve #1

Crash landing on an alien planet and post accident amnesia. A tired cliche at best, yet it’s exactly what happened to Lyryn Kor – a man titling himself a professional security officer, yet called a disgrace, a liar and a cheat by everyone else. One could say that stumbling out of a crater was one of the purest moments in Lyryn’s life as he was too deep in shock to indulge any of his numerous vices.
Clarity didn’t come back, till he climbed to the top of the basin. His first conscious action, a check for injury, left him baffled. He wasn’t badly hurt, merely beaten up, as if after a rough ride on an gravjumper and that made no sense at all. The size of the crater suggested a high speed crash which should leave him a bloody pulp of former tissue, not barely bruised. Surrounding him was an alien planet with a sky locked in bloody red hues and sharp stone formations.
He’d ponder more about this place, but the tired security officer’s post crash bewilderment was cut short by a mysterious female voice:
– My, my. What do we have here, another human? What is your name, pet?
Lyryn’s reflexes were past his prime, but his body still knew to draw a gun as fast as possible. Armed, he tried to turn towards the direction the voice was coming from. His efforts, while understandable, were in vain though. The voice danced around him, with no clear source other than his rattled mind.
– I assume the thing you’re brandishing right now is a weapon. Put it down.
The sound was a mystery. A mixture of seductive warmth and light-hearted mockery, probably amused by his futile attempt to defend himself against an unseen threat.
Who are you? – his response was way sharper than he anticipated. He was on a barren, alien world, alone and suffering from short term amnesia, yet he had the gall to raise his voice against an alien entity with a clear tactical advantage. It could’ve ended badly, but luckily the said threat was more amused than offended.
I asked you first, but know my benevolence, impudent pet. I shall introduce myself instead. – the subtle cheeriness didn’t escape her voice. – My full name would be hard to fathom for your human brain, so let’s stick with you calling me Nyvath. For now, at least. Also, I ordered you to put down the weapon. Do it now.
There was neither point in shooting the air nor antagonizing his interlocutor, therefore Lyryn obediently followed the order and put his gun back in the holster.
I’m Lyryn Kor. – it was only polite to introduce himself as well. – Do you know where we are?
You have so many questions, impatient one!
Lyryn’s mind was in peak sobriety and yet he couldn’t escape the feeling this whole situation was a figment of his corrupted imagination. With a medical scanner he could rule out a concussion, chemically or biologically induced hallucinations, but that was highly wishful thinking in his predicament.
This isn’t a proper place to talk. Follow my voice and I’ll…sate…your curiosity along the way. Deal? – the sweet voice sang a dangerous song, tempting his reason with a promise of help he so desperately needed.
Lyryn didn’t take too long to consider the mysterious observer’s proposal. Whomever this Nyvath was, she was his only bet at getting some information right now, though he could not say that the decision to cooperate came without doubt. A subtle shiver gave birth to the fear that he was walking into something way above his paygrade.
Fine. Lead the way…Nyvath.

6 thoughts on “Live to serve #1

  1. Brilliant!

    In a voice and style that takes me back to the early days of the 60’s and 70’s, this beginning has me itching for more as it reminds me of what made me fall in love with Sci-Fi in the first place.

    1. Thanks a lot Minstrel! Your appreciation means a lot 😉

      Yeah, old scifi shows and comics are my main inspiration, especially European sci-fi comics where the art was extremely imagination provoking!

      More is yet to come, don’t worry 😀

  2. Fantastic, Odd… like Mad Minstrel, I also felt immediately reminded to Sci-Fi from the past… but even earlier… like the golden age of Sci-Fi-early!!! And I like, that one is directly drawn into it right from the beginning… it immediately takes you and draws you into it… leaving you with the longing to know & read more!!! Please-please continue this!!!

    1. Thank you Kurumi, it’s so nice of you to say that! <3

      It's a funny story with sci-fi and my writing - as a kid I wanted to write adventure stuff, then, as I grew up, I wanted to write "deep, sociological sci-fi", but when I approached it so many times I couldn't get into it and draft after draft landed in the trash as "too pretentious" or "too stiff", since I had no love for neither the characters nor the story. Then, almost two years ago I saw the trailer for the Valerian adaptation, got hooked into the comics and said "Oh my gods, this is so awesome! They go to different, amazing alien worlds, have adventures, I totally want to write something like this!" and so it flowed...guess kid me had the right idea all along - the secret ingredient is when the writer enjoys what they are writing xD

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