Live to serve #3

While the platform was sculpted from the red rock material found in abundance on this planet, the object standing on it was clearly from another world. It had an irregular structure with blue light shining through it’s surface upon the operators touch. The object wiggled and moved in response to it’s operator’s touch, prompting the question if it was a device or an actual living being.
Seeing that the operator was undoubtedly human, Lyryn released a hopeful shout as soon as he decided he was within hearing range.
– Viria!
The woman turned to face him and he finally noticed that something was amiss. Even though she was clearly interested in him when they served on the Corona, he barely payed her enough attention, but he knew her well enough to notice the difference. While he wasn’t sure if her skin was paler when he met her, she most certainly didn’t have white hair or a disturbing, teeth patterned mask that covered the lower half of her face.
– You look…different. – he noticed, while keeping a, hopefully, safe distance.
That’s rude, I think I look quite good, pet. – the woman replied, chuckling elegantly.
The deep down fear Kor felt had become reality, brought to life by the deceivingly sweet voice of his alien observer. A quickly budding rage began taking over his senses.
– What did you do to her, Nyvath?!
– I told you already, I gave her a choice. She was dying and I promised her I’d mend her body, if only she’ll let me use it for as long as I see fit. – his confusion and anger only fueled the pleasure in her voice.
– That could take forever!
– It could, but don’t worry…I usually leave a host after a few years… – his armor of furious resolve showed tiny cracks. Her voice suddenly became toned down, as if some unknown melancholy took away her usual, mischevious demeanor.
– What are you exactly?
– I’ve been called many names. A god, an infection…The Change that Hungers was probably one of my favourite names! – the question made Viria quickly go back to her regular Nyvath behaviour. She laughed with glee, as if reminded of a fond memory. – But yes, I’m usually a god.
– A mind controlling alien or a sentient infection? Sure. But a god? Forgive me if I don’t become a sudden believer, Nyvath. – Lyryn scoffed at the notion.
It’s not important if you believe, pet. You have only two options right now… – with a total disregard of his opinions and presence, Nyvath started unzipping her torn and singed jumpsuit. This put Lyryn’s defense in clear jeopardy. He always found Viria’s body attractive, but Nyvath’s arrogant character spiced it all up to dangerous proportions. He noticed that he was becoming more focused on the hand slowly revealing Viria’s naked skin than the words coming out of her mouth.
– You can either stay here, alone and with a slim chance for a rescue. I can tell you where to look for rations and shelter, but you’ll be on your own…
Nyvath, noticing the desire seething from his entire body, took extra care to do things slowly and thoroughly. Her hand stopped just as the zipper was way below her belly button and whilst going back, she allowed her smooth fingers to slide deliciously upon the exposed skin. Of course, she wouldn’t stop explaining her deal to the mesmerized man.
– …or, you could pledge loyalty and serve me. I’m a harsh, yet just mistress and if you show proper obedience, I’d shower you with my many…favours.
Whilst saying that, she slid her hands under the jumpsuit’s fabric on the shoulders, allowing it move just enough to barely cover her nipples. This made Lyryn’s struggle even harder and if it weren’t for the deeply hidden fears and doubts he had towards this alien entity, his will would be sapped entirely.
Regaining the last, sheltered bits of composure, Kor’s body remembered that he’s supposed to swallow the saliva his glands produce and with a slight cough, he voiced his doubts.
– How do I know you won’t betray me? You lied about Viria, you could lie again…
The god scoffed at him.
– Do not insult me, pet. I told you I’d lead you to see Viria, not that you could talk to her. I’ve kept my promise and never lied to you.
Lyryn couldn’t argue with that. It was a twisted logic, but she was right and he felt hunger, fatigue and unfulfilled lust gnawing at his resolve to rebel. It was so easy to say yes now.
And what do I have to do, to swear…allegiance to you.
A simple thing, pet. Kiss me…

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