Best summary for Eldritchspace is:

“Eldritch god/infection and a disgraced security officer team up to stop the universe’s most dangerous reconstruction group from getting it right”

Sounds cryptic, but more will be revealed along the way! 

Word of warning though – Eldritchspace is 18+, due to vulgar language, combat violence and sexual eldritch intercourse. It’s sci-fi eldritch porn so no minors allowed! 

Also, bear in mind that while I reread and try to correct all mistakes in every part before publishing, this is a very WIP kind of story, so errors and pacing issues will occur. I want to publish this as fast as I can online, since that way keeps me going and I’ll probably update the parts along the way.

As for the author: I’m OddFables, 33, father, husband, devout trekkie, gamer with no time. Software dev by trade, dreaming of becoming an independent game dev one day.